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The information on this page is currently in English due to technical information.



How can I subscribe to have RMS The easiest way is to click on the button (Request RMS) on our home page and then follow the steps. How much will cost to have RMS?
It will cost only €49 .99 /Per month or €579 .88 /Per year for the premium packet, By selecting the annual pricing option, you will save €20
Can the RMS be free? Yes, It can be free only for 1 month from the day you request the demo. Can I send invoices to my customers through the repair management system? Yes, You can stop the subscription anytime you want, But your RMS will continue until the end of the use contract that have you requested.


Should I have a company to have RMS? No, You don't need to have a company to get RMS. When I will get the RMS? After you place an order from our website, Our system will create RMS for you with the details that you registered on our website, after that you will receive an email that shows you the steps of how to start. I didn't receive installing email yet! What I should do as next? In case you didn't receive the installation email within 24 hours, Please contact us via one of the contacts available on our website or from your account there is a support button to chat with our support team.


How can I pay for my subscription? You can pay via direct payment methods like (iDeal, PayPal, and Sofort) or pay by automatic collection. Check that in your account in the section Financial select Bank and payments and from there you see the options that are available on our website. How long payment can wait? It depends on the subscription! if the subscription is monthly then It will wait a maximum of 15 days, In case there is any payment issue please contact our administration team. Where can I find my invoices? Login to your account on our website, from the section of Financial click on Invoices, and then you will see all the invoices there. Where can I find my orders? Login to your account on our website, From the section of My Products, click on My orders, and then you will see all the orders that you have requested.


Is there report and statstic? Yes, there is a report and statistic that will help you to track your business. Can I add a new admin user? Yes, you can add an admin user, from the accounts, and also you can edit and remove the admin account. Go to RMS from the left side menu click on Accounts and then click on (Add new account) and follow the steps. How can I add a device that is not listed in my RMS? You can add the device by clicking on companies > choosing a brand that you want to add the device under it and then clicking on the button (add new device) then you can add an image of the device and name and the prices of the repair service. Can I add the repair price to a device? Yes, you can! by clicking on companies and then choosing the brand and then editing the product or device that you want to add price to it then on the right side you can see a list of price services. how can I check the item of the customer in case he wants to have it? You can ask him for the reference number that you printed for him, or you can check his name from the customer section and then click on the button Orders and then you will see his order(s) in the list. Can I change the order services like from Diagnose to another repair service? Yes you can change any service by clicking on customers and then orders, and then clicking on the view button in the list, Below in the section (Items to repair), You can remove the service item like Diagnose and you can add a new repair item.


How can I add a new customer to my system? You have 2 ways to add new customer in the menu left side click on 'Custoemrs' and then from the top navbar you have 2 buttons:

1- Add new customer By clicking on the "Add new customer" button, you will be redirected to a form page where you can fill in the customer's data.

2- Online Customer This option allows you to add new customers online. You can send them a link via WhatsApp or email to facilitate the process.
How can I edit or remove customer To modify customer data, follow these steps:

1- From the left menu, click on "Customers".

2- In the customer table, locate the customer you want to edit.

3- Click on the "Edit" button to make changes to the customer's data.

If you want to remove a customer from the system:

1- From the left menu, click on "Customers".

2- In the customer table, find the customer you want to remove.

3- Click on the "Remove" button, and confirm the action to remove the customer from the system.


Can I change the repair status for example from status (In process) to (Done)? Yes you can change the status by clicking on customers and then orders, and then clicking on the view button in the list, Below in the section (Status) click on one of the button's statuses that you want to change it. How is the workflow? how to create a new order for a customer who needs an iPhone 14 screen repaired. To do so,

1- you need to select "New order" from the menu on the left, choose the brand (Apple),

2- select the iPhone 14 from the list, and choose the display. You can also add a note and fill in the prices for the repair service. If the customer is new,

3-you can add their information and select the device's serial number and delivery deadline date.

4- After checking everything, you can save the order and print a QR code with a reference number. You can stick one label on your business card and give it to the customer, and the other label on the device to track it.